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In late July 2000, I started flying full time on a 747 for Air Atlanta Icelandic, and because of this I really don't have a great deal of time to spend in front of the computer anymore to update the pages or even to answer emails, unfortunately ... 

As I type this, it's now December 2002, and my time is even more tight and so it's with great regret that I have to say that I cannot continue to keep answering the many technical questions I get every day.
So ... if you want to ask a question then do this first -
1. There's a good chance that what you want to know is already on my pages somewhere. Please take the time to read the pages.
2. If that doesn't help, then please ask your questions on the following forums -
I'm there as often as I can be, and there's some very clever people there as well. 

An update to this - I'm not flying anymore but I still hate emails anyway.  I usually only answer them maybe once a month or so.

So ...
Please do not email me with car and/or engine questions - If the answers can be found on my pages or on the forums I link to, I may well not reply.

All other enquiries, eg, aviation and so on aren't usually a bother so please email me. It may still take me up to a month or so to answer your email.
My email address is -> billzilla-at-billzilla-dot-org <-, replace the '-at-' with an '@' symbol and the '-dot-' with a '.'

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