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These pages may appear a little crude compared to a lot of the HTML wizards & their masterpieces out there, but it is my intention to make the pages as simple as possible, so they are quick to load and don't  .... err, shouldn't ... crash the computer. My only diversion from this is a few odd Java applets here and there, which I think are worth the hassle.

Who Am I?    I tell you a little about myself, what I do for a living, what I do for fun, what I've done in the past, and what I'd like to do in the future.

Aviation  My old jobs with Air Atlanta Icelandic, and other companies. Some pictures of my previous flying jobs, including a few of the more interesting airports in Papua New Guinea.

Man's First Powered Flight  This is the real first flight, not the myth of the Wright Brother's being first. A fascinating story of one man's little known effort.

Computers  I have the usual array of files that I think will help you. There's also a downloadable file of all the best tips & tricks that I've found for Windows. Also my liquid-cooled computer project.

My beautiful Pets  Pictures of my best friends; My dogs!

Travels around Australia My strange plans to travels to the far ends of this great land

Miscellaneous Photos and Various Adventures Photos of odd things and odd things I have done

Humour  The usual funny stuff, but hopefully a few extra things that you haven't seen before.

Trivia  Contains some of the trivia that the other pages have, and a lot more. I have pages dedicated to aviation, motorsport, and Australia & New Zealand trivia...  

My (Crazy!?) Ideas Pages  My ideas of how to make better - geothermal power plants, anti-aircraft missile systems, circuit simulators, diesel aircraft engines, electric cars, spy listening devices,  a super cooling device, a police radar speed-gun jammer, a land speed record car, and a water speed record boat.

Links  All my favourite links.

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